BSA First Aid, CPR, and Rank Advancement for Boy Scouts and Venture Crews

All Scouts and Scouters should learn at least some basic first aid and CPR so you are prepared for any type of emergency while at home or during a scouting activity. Whether it's a minor emergency or something more serious, first aid knowledge will give you the confidence to act and possibly prevent serious harm or even death

BSA wilderness first aid course

BSA Wilderness First Aid

BSA Wilderness First Aid is required for all high adventure camps such as Philmont, Sea Base, and Northern Tier.

Venture Discovery Award class for Scouts

Venture Crew Discovery Award

Venture Discovery Award requirement #2 requires the crew member to complete a CPR and First Aid course for requirement a and b. The ECSI— First Aid/CPR/AED course fulfills both requirements.

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Venture Crew Discovery Award

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