Individual General Purpose First Aid Kit

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FA115 Contents2.png
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Individual General Purpose First Aid Kit


Individual first aid kit with all the basics. Great starter kit for the kids. Durable and dirt proof.

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 A general purpose first aid kit with a very nice set of contents in a white plastic case. This kit could be used as a small home kit or is also perfect for the trunk of your car; equipped with a variety of essentials that could be used in an emergency.


(2) Bandage gauze 4"x4.1yds

(4) ABD pad 5"x9"

(16) Bandage strip 1"x3"

(1) Triangular bandage

(1) First aid instructions

(1) Pair latex gloves

(2) First aid cream

(1) Scissors

(1) Tape 1"

(10) Gauze 2"x2"

(4) Gauze sponge 4"x4'

(4) Pain reliever/Aspirin

(8) Alcohol wipes

(8) Clean wipes

Warning: Contains Latex

Available Colors: White
Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 3", 2.5 lbs.