White Series Kit 25 Unit

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White Series Kit 25 Unit


Contains all the basic first aid supplies you need to treat 24 people. Make a great troop first aid kit to treat all those minor cuts and scrapes on your campout

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Waterproof and US made. It is a very nice kit to keep at camp grounds, or just around the house. Depending on its purpose, has all the items necessary to help out a group of about 24 people


(1) Skin and eye wash

(1) Hand soap

(1) Elastic bandage 6"

(2) Elastic bandage 2"

(2) Sterile sponges 4"x4"

(16) Bandage strip 1"x3"

(5) Bandage strip 2"x3"

(3) ABD pad 5"x9"

(1) Ice pack

(1) Tweezers

(1) Scissor

(1) Pill bottle

(1) First aid instructions

(6) Safety pins

(2) Pair latex gloves

(8) Pain reliever/Aspirin

(1) First aid cream

(1) Triple antibiotic

(1) Tape 1"

(6) Alcohol wipes

(6) Iodine wipes

(6) Antiseptic wipes

(6) Clean wipes

(5) Knuckle bandages

Warning: contains latex

Available Colors: White
Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 3", 3 lbs.